a friend well traveled, and with superb taste gives you the keys to their well appointed place and says make yourself at home!

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a personal space for intimate gatherings, a living gallery, an ever-changing retail experience, and a product showplace.

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Umoja is the Swahili word for unity.

The vastness and diversity of the African continent – its people, cultures, languages, landscapes – are overwhelming.  Umoja is not a cliché, but an interpretation of what makes Africa special – a spirit. One that manifests itself in shapes, colors and materials that have inspired both African and European designers. This installation reflects Africa’s nature in soothing earth tones and wildlife accents along with tribal cultures and natural resources.  These aspects transcend and even blur borders, but Umoja is a reminder that diversity is a unifying thread.  Modernity and tradition, the unexpected and the expected come together and challenge familiar ideas. Umoja stands for common values, for unity that can come from diversity, and is also an invitation to come together.

This installation has been generously supported with goods and services from the following partners:

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Antonia von der Decken,  Location Manager

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Kristina Meie, COR Berlin 

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