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»If I know what love is, it is because of you

Herman Hesse

Deutsch: Was ist das? 

When home becomes heimat and eventually the stiff lines that always defined a place no longer seem fitting.  Deutsch is seeing Germany, but through the lens of one who has come home versus being born there.  Peeling back layers and taking the mundane at face value, I discovered a place that didn’t match warworn clichés and beer hall brawls.  Germany was a place that ruffled my senses and soothed them at the same time. That first year, Spring brought bike rides in Bavaria, and Summer welcomed long walks in the woods - discovering naked locals ‘relaxing’.  As Autumn called, oak trees emptied their hefty bosom, scattering laub that mixed with the smell of hops.  And Winter, her heavy hand knocking at the window, while inside the smell of cashmere wet with sweat and snow reassured me. Germany was if anything, nothing that people told me it would be.  There were twists and turns along the way, further proof that nothing is just as it is.  And now - 4 seasons and 64 more, my traditions have melded with those of yours and I am as German as that oak.

 Albeit a curious, even naïve filter, my experience has been one of playfulness and romance, of quirkiness and comfort, of hearing the peculiar and mocking the audacity of it.  Indeed rigidity and function are here, there, everywhere.  Occasionally, efficiency and punctuality, accuracy and industry raise their holy heads.  But they’re, well they’re there.  That’s all. 

What is German? Is it that easily defined?  Was it ever? Es ist.

 The installation runs through late July 2018.

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