a friend well traveled, and with superb taste gives you the keys to their well appointed place and says make yourself at home!

Welcome to aptm (a place to meet)
a personal space for intimate gatherings, a living gallery, an ever-changing retail experience, and a product showplace.

Our current installation is entitled:


»That it will never come again
is what makes life sweet.«

Emily Dickinson

dolce is the sweet spot – that suspended space between creation and satisfaction.  As a supple shell gives way and waves of sticky nectar rush forth, your senses flutter in response. 

It’s connections and connecting.
It’s the savouring and the celebration.
It’s a call to seize the day, 
live in the moment,
indulge in the now, be.

The dolce installation has been generously supported with goods and services from the following partners:

For bookings, please contact:
Kati Buckley, Location Manager
For press inquiries, please contact:
Kristina Meie, COR Berlin 
For partner inquiries, please contact:
Tatjana Sprick, Partnerships Manager